Interior Design for Small Size Living Room Simple But can give a deep impression for guests who come to visit or homeowners can be realized with some simple tricks that easy course. It is important to do the interior design of the living room because that's where your guests get the first impression when first visiting your house.

Small Snooze Room Is Not a Problem

You do not need to make the living room so large just to give the impression to the visiting guests because you can give the impression of peace, comfort, harmonious, relaxed and peaceful even though your living room is small. With your small living room, you can also reveal your character as the owner of the house.

Inspiration Simple Small Living Room Design With Various Styles

Here I have compiled a small living room design drawing of home design lover and apartment therapy that would suit the readers' wishes. These pictures or pictures of the living room can really express and display many styles or styles according to the character of the home owner. All the interior design photos of the living room is small and simple but have many styles ranging from classic style, contemporary, modern, minimalist, minimalist modern, country and so forth. You can use these design concepts for the interior design of a simple living room or even for the interior design of the house type 36 living rooms and the interior design of the type 45 living room. Of course, all combined with various colors like purple, brown, beige, red,

The living room placed in the corner of the room is a perfect example of a small and charming living room. By combining the color purple, cream, and white create a comfortable atmosphere is not it?

It consists of only one sofa, one bench, two tables and a lamp in a corner. By arranging the living room like this, although small still beautiful is not it?

Picture Photos of the model of a contemporary living room with simple settings like this can impress the beauty, color, and spirit of the owner

Raleigh contemporary interior design

Choose Classic style or contemporary style? Why not put together, with a contemporary living room and classic style chairs then you get both. Who said the living room should have a spacious place, with this elongated way you still get the interior design comfortable living room.

Interior design living room minimalist modern style:

You can do a minimalist modern touch to the living room. In addition, the living room is multi-functional because it can be used as a family room

Interior design black and white living room

With even a small room plus a modern touch of black and white will all be more interesting

Interior design living room with red color

It looks great as a living room right? But think again, the living room here only takes a small place from the entire room. If you have a house with a building that is large enough for a house type 45 or house type 36 or maybe a belong room then this design can be an inspired idea.

Interior design workspace as well as living room

Interior design of this living room is used for office or workspace in the house. Cool with a design like this you guys can proudly entertain you at once show your work space. The interior design of the living room is full of bright colors will produce harmony. Blue color wrapped with beige and a large window on the back. The interior design of the living room with classic style is full of wood but still gives the impression of relaxing. Corner room like this is perfect as a living room. With L-shaped living room sofa, white fur carpet, and do not forget glass and windows to give the impression of more spacious to your visiting guests. With a simple living room arrangement accompanied by a sofa for the small gray colorful living room. . . Hmmm the beauty of this living room By way of arranging the living room like this of simple and modest but do not forget the glass around to give an impression of space With a blend of colors that look natural and blend perfectly. You guys are fans of painting? Just put it in the living room will give the impression of full color in your living room like Lessee’s living room this? This is really one of the perfect living rooms for a small home. Although, small but still shows the beauty and friendliness of the owner of the house. .

Tips on Organizing a Small Living Room

Lastly from us, we will give you some simple tips that can be applied into your living room easily.

1. Use white or beige paint

Using paint like white or cream can avoid a narrow impression due to the color of the room more bright and bright.

2. Avoid Dark Colors

Never change the black color to a narrow-sized space. This is because the black color can give a narrow effect, dark, and sultry..

3. Place the Furniture in the Cupboard

The large number of furniture in the house will result in the living room becomes more messy and narrow. Therefore, input the furniture that you have into the closet to avoid the impression of a mess and narrow. Especially for a small room, messy effects can increase many times the narrow impression narrow narrow-senpitnya.

4. Put the Mirror

The usual thing to do for decorating a small room is to put a mirror in order to have a greater visual effect than reality.